Super Bowl special — Madonna & Me giveaway!

In honor of Madge’s half-time performance at ye olde Superbowl today, I’m giving away a free copy of Madonna & Me!

Want to win a copy of the lovely & amazing finished book, signed by yours truly?

Enter a comment below telling me what you’d most like to hear Madonna perform today — any song, any era, by her or by someone else. I’ll draw a winner at random!  Good luck…


8 thoughts on “Super Bowl special — Madonna & Me giveaway!

  1. Blake Kaplan says:

    Been a Madonna fan for a long time and would love to check out the book.

  2. Blake Kaplan says:

    Forgot to say I hope she does “like a virgin.”

  3. Marco says:

    I hope she’ll do Ray Of Light,Hung Up,Human Nature,Give Me All Your Luvin’,Vogue or Like A Prayer.
    P.S I want the book more than anything in this world! XD

    • I’d love to see “Ray of Light,” “Human Nature,” “Like a Prayer” or “Vogue” too. I prefer her older stuff but I’ll be psyched to see her perform anything, really.

  4. Suzanne Bass says:

    I’ve loved Madonna since 1984…I would love to see Holiday!!!

  5. Natalie says:

    HUMAN NATURE. I think it’s her most “F You” song. Perfect for a phallocratic, uber-capitalist, sexist haven like the Super Bowl.

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