Rookie mag! And more “Madonna & Me” readings (NYC and Baltimore, I am staring at you).

Hello there, beloved fans! Just kidding — I don’t know if anyone actually reads this, but I wanted to update you, my invisible friends, with a few important items of note.

  • The following night at 7 pm, I’ll be reading from Madonna & Me with Susan Shapiro, Emily Nussbaum, Dana Rossi, and Colleen Kane at one of my very favorite bookstores: St. Marks Bookshop! The event starts at 7 pm. I have many fond memories of browsing their impeccably stocked shelves when I lived in New York, especially when I lived right around the corner on 9th St. and 2nd Avenue, circa 2003/2004; their magazine racks were my personal vision of heaven. I’m thrilled to read there — it’s been a neighborhood staple since 1977 and so many esteemed writers have read and/or frequented the place.
  • And last but not least, on Friday, May 25 I’ll be reading with contribs Kelly Keenan Trumpbour and Maria Raha at Baltimore’s Atomic Books. We will be “sharing” the event with author Michael Fournier, who will be reading from his new novel Hidden Wheel. Very excited! I haven’t visited Atomic before, but growing up in DC, I’ve been hearing great things about it for years.
  • In other news, as a recently jobless person, I’m looking for new writing & editing projects to take on! Yes! This means if you have leads, you should please email me (laura at laurabarcella dot com).
  • And please “like” Madonna & Me on Facebook here, and buy it-then-write-an-Amazon-review here, and follow it on Twitter here, and follow yours truly on Twitter here. Thanks, and bye for now…

Madonna and Me is kind-of almost done!

I just turned in the first draft of Madonna and Me to my editor. SO EXCITED. I think it’s in good shape and hopefully she will love it as much as I do. It’s long!

That’s really all I want to say at the moment, so… more to come when I’m less exhausted.

Madonna and Me now on Facebook; other things of note

Latest things of note:

1. I made a Facebook page for Madonna and Me!  Please “like” it (but only if you want to get updates on the book, of course). It really wants to be liked.

2. My friend Rachel Kramer Bussel wrote a nice blog post about being excited to read M and M. You should check it out. And check out Rachel’s site, too! She is an awesome, prolific writer and a master anthologist.

Things with the book are coming along well. The first draft is almost done and I’ll be turning it in this month. (Of course, I still need to write MY Madonna essay — but It. Will. Happen.) Can’t wait til March! Only, um, 9 months to go… Le sigh!